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Kyo Standard ACT Prep

Our tutors are focused on score improvements. We do this by formulating an approach that is designed to be both customizable and effective.

Our Curriculum is broken into three components: Content, Strategy, and Pacing.

On average, it takes our students 24 hours of tutoring to reach their target score. This can vary according to the student’s starting score.

Our sessions last an hour and a half. During the sessions the tutor will go over the homework, the lesson as well as have the students complete a drill to show understanding. Our tutors are trained to not only tell what the students to do, but to also make sure the student can do what is being taught. The tutors will ask questions and not simply just ask, “Do you get it?”

Each student will receive our manuals and workbook which will have all of the necessary materials for their lessons.

We also provide diagnostic exams to serve as a bench mark. Our tutors use these exams to gauge not only how well the students understand the materials, but to make sure the students can execute the lessons.

Content: We work to make sure all of the gaps in content knowledge are address. For example, if the student is unfamiliar with the rules of grammar, we make sure they know the rules and have had sufficient practice. If they’ve forgotten basic geometric concepts, then we address them. Our goal in this stage is to re-introduce forgotten/never learned concepts in a way that is conducive to achieving their sore.

Strategy: Once the content portion is complete, we will start to work on specific strategies that your student can use to answer the questions. We created a manual with our strategies, but we use the manual as a baseline. Our tutors will work to tailor the strategies so that the strategies work with them. Many tutors teach one strategy from a manual, our tutors go deeper to help make the strategy work for the student. For example, one of our students would go to the lines referred to in the question and read that section, but he would constantly pick the wrong answer choice. (This is a very common strategy found in many test prep manuals.) Our tutor decided to have the student annotate as he read the lines. Then the tutor had the student cover the answer choices with a post it and write what the student thought would be elements of the correct answer on the post it. The student was then tasked with finding the answer choice that would best match what was written on the post it.

This customized strategy served two purposes

1.) It helped the student by making him think before he began picking the answers.

2.) This approach helped our tutor better diagnose the problem area.

If the student was writing down the wrong predicted answers on the post it, then we would know to address his reading problem.

Pacing: Pacing is the most important portion of the preparation. This is where our tutors help identify which strategies to use during the test. A lot of the times the tutor will monitor the student doing a section and takes notes. For example, our tutors will time each question and write notes on what made the student take too long on a question or what they could have done to answer the question quicker.