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We consider testing history, educational background, and their desired school choice to help us customize a tutoring plan and make informed recommendations. Throughout the program, we monitor and oversee your child’s progress. We adapt our strategy to meet each student’s needs, making adjustments as necessary to support their success.

Our Commitment

Our tutors take time to get to know each student and assess every element that affects their test score. We empower students with the tools and strategies to overcome test anxiety so that the student’s test score reflects their abilities and their capacity to learn. We believe every child has the potential to reach their ideal test score, they simply need support and guidance to improve.

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The courses we are currently offering are AP year long courses, PSAT, and SAT.

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The Kyo Standard Method

Our approach is to focus on strengthening each student’s content knowledge and teaching them how to manage their time to effectively pace themselves through the test. They learn the strategies that will help them improve their test score as they understand the test structure.

After a thorough evaluation of testing data, background and goals, we develop a plan to translate the student’s academic learning to test scores that best reflect their ability.​​​​​

When you bring us your test results, our research and development team creates a report that displays each section of the test. Tutors carefully walk through the test report with students to show them their strengths and point out the weak spots. This gives us insight into your child’s content knowledge and how they take the test.

After reviewing the results, we make an assessment and design an action plan. We encourage students by showing them what they did well first, then we identify the problem areas.

Every student is required to take an initial diagnostic exam when entering our program. This exam and feedback from students will allow us to make assessments on growth areas in terms of both content and strategy. To ensure our students can comfortably apply test-taking strategies and pacing while monitoring their progress, we arrange for them to take professionally-administered practice tests periodically. These practice tests are so effective and popular that they now run every weekend.

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