National Merit Scholarship

The National Merit Scholarship Program for the Class of 2022 will be unusual. There was a large drip in the number of PSAT takers. Only about 737,000 juniors were able to take the October 2020 PSAT. This is a just 44% of the number of student who took [...]

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ACT and SAT Essay Writing Guides

While preparing for the SAT/ACT it’s important to know all parts of the exams well and to prepare for them effectively. While many schools do not require the essay portion, the schools that do really take it into consideration. Many students will avoid this entire section of the exam if [...]

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Updates from the ACT

By Stephanie Doty We at Kyo Standard know a LOT is happening in the world of testing and we wanted to update you on everything we know regarding the ACT. As of now, the June ACT is still on! The ACT has stated that they are doing their best [...]

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The Future of the SAT

By Cindy Reyes-Cortes What does the SAT going online mean? The Shelter in Place order has been mandated nationwide in 43 states. We have adapted to many changes - one being our education system. Schools from kindergarten to post-graduate studies have all transitioned completely online in order to practice [...]

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College Acceptance Letters

College Acceptance Letters: How to Decide Where to Attend By Padya Paramita, InGenius Prep The wait is finally over, and you’ve received a handful (or more) of college acceptance letters from your top choices. First of all, congratulations! Your hard work throughout high school has paid off. Once you’ve [...]

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