Impacts on the SAT Timeline

By Jasmin Figueroa Here is What We Know About the SAT during the Pandemic. With the SAT exam starting up again in August, it’s important to know that there will not be any drastic changes to the SAT implemented any time soon. With COVID-19 many are left wondering if [...]

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SAT and ACT Testing Re-Opening during COVID

By Stephanie Doty, Operations Coordinator Testing Center Updates COVID-19 has turned the world of testing on its head. Many Juniors and Seniors trying to take their exams have run into test cancellations, classes being shifted online, and a complete change to their AP exams. Needless to say, these past [...]

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Tips for College Common Applications

By Jasmin Figueroa We have looked over a few things regarding the Common App these past few weeks. The Common App is a great resource for organizing your information, activities, and test scores in a unified way that makes it easier to release and hand over to various colleges [...]

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A Guide to Letters of Recommendation

By Jasmin Figueroa Fundamentals of Letters of Recommendation for College Going through all the needed material for college applications can be stressful! Especially the part about where you need to ask someone to write a lot about you. A letter of recommendation can show a different perspective to the [...]

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ACT and SAT Prep Timeline

By Stephanie Doty When should you start prepping? Well, it depends on what kind of scores you got on either the PSAT or a practice exam. If you are a student who scored from the 900 to 1100 range, beginning prep as early as you can after your PSAT [...]

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Covid-19 and What To Do Next

Today the College Board announced that it will cancel the June SAT. The exam will be offered in August with an administration of the test available every month after until December. This arrangement comes after the College Board rescheduled its March exam to June. This development can only add [...]

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SAT/ACT Test Prep Strategies

Stephanie Doty, Premier Tutor and Operations Coordinator Test Prep Strategies Blog Test prep can be daunting. Some students are already pretty overwhelmed with schoolwork, after school jobs, and various other daily tasks that making time to prep and knowing where to start can feel overwhelming. Usually, this is when [...]

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