Anyone that has their sights set on medical school knows how important the MCAT is. Not only is it a required test for admittance to most medical schools, but it also represents how you’ll be judged during the admissions process. Alongside your GPA, total and BCPM, the MCAT constitutes 50 percent of your admissions consideration, and a great MCAT score can mean the difference between studying medicine and taking another path in life.

The good news is that you don’t have to sit idly by, leaving your fate in the hands of a test that you’re ill prepared for. With MCAT tutoring, you can help boost your scores and increase your chances of getting into the medical school of your choice and various tutoring programs allows you to pick the MCAT prep that works best for your schedule and budget.

What MCAT Score Do I Need?

While the average MCAT score is a 500, the average MCAT score for a med school applicant is slightly higher at around 505. Those who end up enrolling in a medical school have higher MCAT scores around 510, meaning that you’ll need an above average score to be admitted to a medical school.

That said, only a few points separate the admitted from those who applied but weren’t accepted, making every extra point you can get a significant differentiator between the challenge of med school or rethinking your future. Even a swing of just five points can send you to med school or keep you at home, which is why many prospective med students do everything they can to increase their scores and enhance the likelihood they’ll be admitted.

How To Improve Your MCAT Score

Increasing your MCAT score can be accomplished in many ways, but the primary methodology is to study hard. It goes without saying that you’ll have to complete your prerequisite classes before taking the MCAT, but if you just do the minimum you may be jeopardizing your score come test time.

In addition to familiarizing yourself with MCAT practice tests take as many as you can and be sure to work on the questions that give you trouble MCAT tutoring can help you organize and plan your approach until it’s time to take the test.

First up is the classic MCAT classroom prep course, which will give you several weeks of intense instruction in a small group setting intended to maximize your retention and knowledge of everything you’ll need for the MCAT. Since you’re attending a small class with other students, prices tend to be relatively affordable, and it’s the most similar to regular classroom education experiences that you’re already familiar with so it’s relatively straightforward. That said, with no personalized attention and equal time given to all the material, you may not be spending enough time on your troublesome topics and lingering too long on subjects you’re already competent in.

On the other hand, with MCAT online tutoring, you’ll gain the convenience of online classes, which can help students that require more flexibility than in-person instruction. Whether in groups or as a video review, online courses can be attended from the comfort of home or a convenient study space, and they often include office hours if extra instruction is needed. However, like in-person classes, you may end up covering lots of material that you already know or spend not enough time on material you need brushing up on. Additionally, for some, virtual learning may be less effective than in-person learning, so each student should plan their instruction accordingly.

For those that want the utmost in MCAT assistance, one-on-one private MCAT tutoring provides focused, one-on-one attention that you can’t get in a small classroom. Whether virtually or through in-person visits, MCAT private tutoring gives you specialized tutoring where you need it most. Instead of spending time on subjects you’re already locked in on, tutoring allows you to jump to the subjects and questions that you need the most assistance with along with an ability to ask questions, do a deep-dive or pivot whenever needed. It might be more expensive than other MCAT tutoring options, but the quality of the tutoring well exceeds all other options.

Which MCAT Tutoring Option Is Best?

While MCAT tutoring comes in various offerings, the best MCAT tutoring services for you depends on what you need. For individuals that are struggling with certain subjects and need an extra boost, private tutoring represents the most straightforward way towards increasing your MCAT knowledge. On the other hand, if you’re better in groups and find it hard to study on your own, a virtual or in-person class may be a better option. That said, classes are best if you already have a good foundation and just need some overall polish due to their lack of personalized attention and a one-size-fits-all approach.

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