Drafting up an ACT study plan that works is complicated. There are several blogs out there telling you to follow an infallible strategy — a miracle plan to ace the ACT test.

Unfortunately, that’s not true. But, thank goodness, it is possible for any student to succeed in the ACT test with a personalized study plan, which targets their weaknesses effectively.

Learn below our 4 steps on how to build the best ACT study plan for you!

#1 Read an ACT study book (prep guide)

Before you develop any study plan, you need to know what you’re studying for.

And that means knowing the ins-and-outs of the ACT test, getting familiar with its questions, and format.

The ACT has its official guide, which you can read here. It’s a lengthy document, but scan through the pages and highlight the main topics as you go.

And in case PDFs aren’t your thing, you can purchase the paperback on Amazon.

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#2 Do some ACT practice tests

Once you’ve checked out the format of the ACT and its mechanics, you’ve got to put yourself to the test.

You can start with the official ACT sample questions, which are split by area: English, Math, Reading, Science, and Writing.

Start off slow, doing 10 questions each and then check the answers. This is when you’ll find out your weak spots: the areas with most mistakes are those you should focus on to improve.

Take our practice test and get personalized feedback on how to improve!

#3 Organize your ACT study schedule

Now you know what you need to improve and how the ACT test works. It’s time to create a study schedule!

There isn’t a “one-size-fits-all” schedule we can recommend. But, our tutors are glad to help you out with a customized study plan.

An efficient study schedule is one where you cover all the topics without feeling tired or burnout. After all, studying in shorter, focused timeframes is better than studying 10 hours straight fueled by energy drinks.

You need to fit in your study slots in comfortable intervals between your classes and school clubs too. We recommend you study at least 30 minutes a day if possible.

Quick study tips

We know getting a study schedule underway is tricky. That’s why here are some quick tips to get the engines going and motivate you to study.

In case you suffer from procrastination or anxiety when study time comes, these tips can help:

  • Put a “study with me” video on Youtube or Twitch: in these videos, you study in real-time with a streamer and other people around the world. The virtual peer pressure helps you focus and get work done – you can even check our recordings of “study with me” videos to put on your PC or cellphone
  • Try the Pomodoro technique: in this method, you focus for 25 minutes straight and take a short break. It helps people that are easily distracted to “zone in” their studies. You can download an app for your smartphone to kickstart this method!
  • Get a study buddy: sometimes, all you need is a friend to study with. A study buddy helps both of you support each other on your goal of passing the ACT test. This can backfire though if you end up turning your study sessions into gatherings, so focus!

#4 Get an ACT tutor

It’s normal for you to need a tutor. Sometimes, we simply can’t get better at math with sheer effort alone. Or no matter how hard you try, you can’t get your grammar straight.

Well, that’s when a tutor can get you where you need to be. Unlike school teachers that are slumped with work, tutors are available for you and adjust their schedule to offer you full support when needed.

Many students make the mistake of hiring a regular tutor of a subject instead of an ACT tutor. 

The ACT test has many implicit rules and recurring questions/ themes that only a specialized tutor will know of — when you hire a normal tutor you’re missing out on this specialized knowledge.

Our team has improved its ACT tutoring method since 2001 and as a result, we manage to increase a student’s average score on the test from 4 – 9 points!

All thanks to a customized tutoring solution, in which our team analyzes your case and drafts up a unique study strategy.

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