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Kris Bunce

General Chemistry, Organic Chemistry

Kris is a great all-around tutor and has been helping high school, university, and professional students achieve success for over 10 years. A San Diego Native, he is a graduate of SDSU with a B.S. and M.A. in Chemistry. Kris is fully credentialed to teach Chemistry and Mathematics by the state of California, has 6 years of industry experience as a nuclear engineer for the United States Navy, 3 years of industry experience as a research scientist, and is currently the Department Chair for the College of Humanities at the University of Phoenix (San Diego Campus). In other words, if you are looking for a qualified science or math tutor, Kris is your guy. He has a deep understanding of Chemistry (General and Organic) and mathematics through the graduate level as well as collegiate and professional level. He led two teams of instructional designers in reconstructing the math program at the University of Phoenix.  He was recently awarded Faculty of the Year for 2017 for outstanding teaching practices and for creating and facilitating faculty development workshops.

When it comes to teaching difficult concepts, Kris takes a “measure twice, cut once” approach. Building confidence and introducing content with patience is half the battle, especially in math and the sciences. Over ten years of tutoring has given Kris a deep well of examples and an ability to approach topics in as many ways as there are students.

Fred Yu


Fred’s interest in tutoring began in high school, when he served as captain of the school’s Math Team and Science Team. From there on, he expanded his passion for teaching and tutoring by being an active member of his college’s student teaching organization. His most recent tutoring experience was with the Boston branch of The Princeton Review, where he distinguished himself with both excellent results and rave reviews. Fred does a substantial amount of work in standardizes test prep, but his true love is biology — a subject he had a soft spot for even has a child. In high school, he competed in the USA Biology Olympiad, and was a two-time Top 20 National Finalist. Fred excels at breaking down complicated problems and processes into more straightforward steps, and is able to put students at ease, taking much of the stress out of an inherently stressful situation. He has experience with students of all ages and skill levels. He is deeply committed to the success of his students, and looks forward to working with you!

Scott Kampe

Physics, Psych Soc

Education:  U.C.L.A.

Certifications: Scott specializes in ISEE, ACT, GRE, GMAT, MCAT Physics, MCAT CARS, and select AP and SAT Subject Tests.

Qualifications: Scott has been teaching since 2011, and has instructed over two thousand students from San Diego to Seattle and online.

Scott is a SoCal native who discovered his affinity for standardized tests during high school when he balanced his rigorous AP schedule with football, soccer, track, robotics team, and chess club. After studying Physics and Environmental Science at UCLA, Scott joined forces with The Princeton Reviw as both a teacher and administrator, and has consulted and/or taught thousands of students from junior high through grad school.

Kathleen Bannallack


Kathleen Bennallack is an archaeologist, anthropologist, writer, and teacher in the last throes of finishing her Ph.D (in anthropological archaeology) at UC San Diego. While she has been known to work on archaeological projects that study stuff as recent as the Medieval Islamic period, her preference is for prehistory – that is, “the really old stuff.” Her research is partly about an ancient climate shift that happened around 8,000 years ago (i.e. medium-old), landscape and population dynamics, and long-distance connectivity, in addition to the usual stuff like broken pottery and pointy rocks. She started teaching test prep classes in 2007, just before graduating from UCSD with a BA in Creative Writing, and has been doing it ever since; while she teaches and tutors numerous test types, her favorite is the MCAT Critical Analysis and Reasoning Section (aka the one most students fear and loathe.) When she is not excavating ancient ruins and living in a tent in the deserts of the Middle East, she can be found teaching and writing about anthropology and history at UCSD; she especially enjoys teaching the history and anthropology of medicine and critical race theory and writing about the colonial legacy of archaeology. She lives with two cats (one fat, one thin), her partner (also an archaeologist), and a rotating cast of roommates (mostly anthropologists and historians) in an apartment that could really use a second bathroom.