By Stephanie Doty, Operations Coordinator

Testing Center Updates

COVID-19 has turned the world of testing on its head. Many Juniors and Seniors trying to take their exams have run into test cancellations, classes being shifted online, and a complete change to their AP exams. Needless to say, these past few months have been a lot for our students and we want to take a moment to remind the upperclassmen that they are doing great navigating this pandemic.

Many states have begun to open up, whether slowly or quickly, after shelter in place orders or self-quarantines have begun to loosen. With places like gyms, restaurants, and schools reopening, it is a question as to how this will impact testing. It seems apparent that exams will be shifting in that same direction. As we come to a more stable place during this pandemic, it seems that the SAT and ACT have shifted more away from immediately going online and will continue to take their time to switch to online platforms.

This insistence on working towards keeping in-person exams means that more test sites will open up, but it is unclear to fully say how many all at once. For example, despite moving into another phase of opening up in California, as of right now there are no ACT testing centers open in San Diego. To test, you would have to find the closest testing center to you.

Within the next few months, more testing centers will open and will probably maintain their social distancing measures as a precaution. As a response to this, we at Kyo Standard are planning on continuing with our online testing for the time being. Additionally, we will continue to work with students to help them achieve their target scores and build their confidence.

We also wanted to update everyone on the current state of the SAT and ACT. With many states opening up and some schools planning to resume in the fall, this changes how the exams will run.

SAT Updates

For the past few months, it seemed like the SAT was going to switch online and open the test to be taken at home. After reviewing its options, College Board announced that the plans for an at-home test are being delayed in favor of social distance testing. This means a few important things:

  • There are a few more testing dates in place to make up for cancellations. The test dates for the fall are August 29, September 26, October 3, and December 5.
  • Testing center registration numbers will see limitations. Due to social distancing, testing centers will only be able to have a certain number of testers to keep everyone safe.
  • This also means that there is still potential for test dates to be canceled. Please keep an eye on your SAT profile to be notified about test site closures.
  • There will be potentially fewer testing centers in your area due to ensuring that social distancing practices are enforced.

College Board seems adamant on continuing in-person testing for the time being. So, continue your prep as if your test is going to happen.

ACT Updates

Since our last update regarding the ACT, there have been a few changes. The June exam has been canceled for many students, unfortunately. As a statement given by CEO Janet Godwin, she noted that the ACT will be trying to administer as many exams as they can during the summer months. Like the SAT, they will attempt to use social distancing and limit the capacity of testers in one site.

The ACT is still holding strong to slowly introduce on-site online versions of the exam in September. They also are maintaining their plans to introduce the online at-home version of the exam coming this late fall.

The ACT has also announced how it will care for students and keep them safe in the testing environment by:

  • Making hand sanitizer available
  • Placing COVID-19 related signage, including floor signage to maintain six feet distances at key locations such as check-in and seating arrangements
  • Requiring health screenings and wellness checks on both testing staff and examinees on test day.
  • Requirements to wear Personal Protective Equipment (gloves and masks) on test day.

According to the ACT, if you do not feel well and do not come to the test, you will be able to reschedule your exam that following Monday without a fee.

A message from us:

We are here for you. We understand how confusing these past few months have been for students working hard to test by certain dates to only have their exam dates canceled. Remember, your tutors are here to be your support for your test needs. Work with them to figure out an ideal plan for you or your student’s testing plan going into this season of re-opening.

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