What do we do here at Kyo Standard?

We focus on catering to your student and what they need to get their target score.

Progress Manager: Each student is assigned a Progress Manager (PM). The PM’s role is to provide support and to ensure everything is being done to help your student reach his/her target score. They track your students homework, benchmarks, and lessons.

Sessions: Our sessions generally are set up in teaching content, implementing strategies, and working on pacing. Ideally for many students, 24 hours of tutoring would be most beneficial. If a student is already a high scoring student on the exam, they may have a different number of hours that would be better for them.

Our lessons are typically an hour and 30 minutes in order to complete an entire section from our workbook. These lessons introduce topics and concepts, work through a variety of problems, and finish with a student doing a practice drill.

Our tutors are trained to Show the students the strategies and concepts, Tell the students what the tutor did. Have the students Do a question, and then we Provide Feedback.

Tutors will adjust the specifics of the session to be suited to your student. This can include reviewing homework, working on additional drills, or even working on refining more basic concepts.

Materials: Your student will be provided with a workbook for their time with the tutors. This workbook will include = lessons to work on in session and homework for each subject and lesson. These materials will be provided to you during the first session and are expected to be brought back for each lesson.

Content: We break down our tutoring into different stages and adjust accordingly to students needs. We provide fundamental lessons in all of our sections to assist our students with understand concepts and to help students who need a refresher on certain points or need to work with problems they have not worked with before.

Strategy: After the time focused on concepts or if the student does not need to work with concepts, we begin to work on strategy. In our program we use a variety of strategies to help our students excel on their exam. Within the different sections, we have a Basic Approach for each subject

Pacing: The final step of our lessons is focusing on pacing. Since these exams are long and very fast paced, figuring out the speed in which a student works on problems is key. Our tutors try a variety of drills and pacing strategies to help their individual students as it is more accurate to cater to each student according to their pacing and understanding of how quickly they can work. We also have students take a number of practice exams in order to maintain this pacing in a more test like environment than just one on one with a tutor.

Diagnostic Exams and Benchmarks: To ensure the students are progressing, our tutors will assign students diagnostic exams. These exams can be taken at home or at our center. Before the exams the tutor will discuss clear goals as well as targets. The progress manager and the tutor assess’ the score report as well as the students test book to make sure they are working towards hitting the benchmarks.

Weekly Progress Reports: To ensure clear communication, our tutors send out weekly emails to the parents to give them an update on what is going on as well as next steps.

Here is a sample progress report.