Standardized tests measure more than just your specific knowledge of a subject, as you likely already know. While this information is not included in the instructions of any exams, these tests also measure your ability to manage the exams and the questions. In some cases, understanding how this is done can be just as important as knowing the answers to the questions, for every standardized test is a challenge with regards to the “what” and the “how” of testing. If you’re going to try to earn college credit before finishing secondary school, then you’re going to be taking AP subject tests. Like anything else, there are proven preparation methods that can help you achieve a higher score.

Kyo Standard has been helping students prepare for AP subject tests, the SAT and other standardized examinations successfully for years. Below you’ll find a few ideas to keep in mind that could help you properly and efficiently prepare for your upcoming AP subject tests. Doing well on them will give you an important head start on your next level of education.

1. Establish a Comfortable Timeframe

The last thing you want to do for AP subject tests is to try to cram for them at the last minute. That’s simply not going to work, as you’re already going to have enough going on at the end of the schoolyear what with final exams in other topics, perhaps graduation and other things. Give yourself plenty of time to comfortably review your course information. Since AP subject test dates are typically sometime in May as the academic year ends, somewhere in the middle of the school year is when you may want to get started, even though that may seem somewhat early.

2. Make Your Own Syllabus

Studying for AP subject tests requires a lot of organization and planning. You’ll want to lay out what topic or topics you’re going to cover and when as you begin your preparation. You may find that even that exercise winds up being a good way to review things. You don’t need to plan out every single day weeks or months in advance, but establish some guidelines for how much time you want to spend on each unit, each month, etc. so you know that you’re progressing as you continue to prepare.

3. Engage Outside Resources

Your AP subject test scores are going to determine quite a bit for you in terms of how many college credits or units you’ll have under your belt before you start. This is not a time to try to climb your own learning curve. Instead, engage with outside professional resources that can help you understand how to really focus and prepare for the tests you’ll be taking. This will not only improve your preparation, but it will also give you peace of mind that you’re doing everything you can to get ready.

4. Practice Taking Your AP Subject Tests

While exam preparation professionals are careful not to repeat questions, they are human like you are and are likely going to provide some noticeable patterns in terms of the types of questions they ask, how those questions are formatted and the like. Understanding how questions tend to be asked and how long to dedicate to each question is an important part of your overall success on AP subject tests. The best way to get a handle on this is by taking practice exams so that you instantly recognize patterns, formats and other variables that can help you manage the test-taking process while it’s happening. 

5. Don’t Fall Behind

Finally, and coupling with the initial point we made with regards to successfully studying for AP subject exams, make sure that you manage your progress carefully. Don’t allow a week or two to pass without studying. That’s because when you eventually start back up, you’ll be forced to choose between skimming over the materials you missed or cramming, in essence, until you’re caught up. If you stay with this process and make and keep it manageable, it won’t seem overly difficult or stressful. 

How Kyo Standard Can Help

We also mentioned earlier that you should engage with outside resources for help studying for AP subject tests. Kyo Standard has been helping students get a big leg up on their college degrees for years by helping them prepare for these exams successfully. If you’re ready to do everything you can to give yourself the best chance to earn credits towards your degree before you even step onto campus, contact us today to get the process of preparing started.