The Scholastic Aptitude Test or SAT is the standardized entrance test for college admissions across the US. Naturally it is considered one of the most important elements of college applications. But is it really worth it?

The proverbial question facing every student ever planning on taking the SAT is: Does having a high SAT score really matter? While no one really aims for an average SAT score, knowing the answer to this question would help students and parents in determining whether it’d be worthwhile to spend a ton of time, effort, and money on preparing for and taking the test. 

So let’s answer this question at the outset itself: Yes, a high score can open many doors… literally, to some of the most prestigious colleges and universities. But that’s not all. There are several obvious and some not so obvious benefits of scoring well on one of the most important college entrance tests – the SAT. Kyo Standard deep-dives into how a high performance on the SAT can help you!

Benefits of a High SAT Score

Given the advantages offered by a high SAT score, it would be safe to say that acing the test is the first step towards a great college education. Here are the multitudinous ways in which a high SAT score benefits students:

Increased Probability of Acceptance at Preferred School

A SAT score is one of the vital components of a student’s college application. It’s true that there are some schools that allow students to decide whether they would like their SAT scores to be a part of the admission review. However, having a high SAT score can definitely offer a competitive advantage. 

For one, if you’ve fared well in the test, it would help add weight to your college application. After all, as a quantifiable metric, it gives an idea of the student’s aptitude and qualification, especially in the absence of substantial work experience, which many young students lack. If you have a dream college or university that you’ve always wanted to attend, a high SAT score can increase your chances of getting in. Similarly if you’re keen on getting into a school that offers quality education at an affordable price, an excellent SAT score can improve your chances of studying there among a sea of potential candidates. 

Access to a Scholarship Opportunity

Being accepted into college is great but not everyone has the funds for higher education. Scholarship opportunities allow you to avail of quality education without incurring any expenses or at least by minimizing your expenditures. It’s hardly surprising then that being accepted into the college of their choice with a scholarship opportunity is the primary goal of most students. Therefore it’s a highly competitive process. The scholarship opportunity may differ, ranging from a partial or complete tuition waiver to a full-ride scholarship inclusive of accommodation and other living expenses. 

A high SAT score along with a high GPA can help you qualify for a merit-based scholarship. In some cases, an excellent SAT score can even compensate for a low-to-moderate GPA. In fact each point of improvement on your SAT score places you higher in the bracket of qualified students, increasing your eligibility for a higher scholarship reward. Thus it’s safe to say that having a great SAT score increases your access to debt-free college education.

No Need for Pre-Requisite Courses

Students falling in the low SAT score range are required to take remedial classes to catch up to a certain level of knowledge or skill. Once they’ve fulfilled the requirements, they’re eligible for signing up for advanced courses. Therefore, having a high SAT score will ensure you won’t have to spend additional time, money, or resources on basic level courses that do not directly contribute to the desired degree or qualification. So, in a nutshell: prepare well, get a high SAT score, and increase the odds of expediting your college degree!

Sense of Accomplishment

A high SAT score offers a sense of accomplishment coupled with a “can do” attitude – two critical assets for any individual. It offers a boost of confidence which can prove to be invaluable in the face of challenges, which are an inevitable part of life. Plus preparing for the SAT helps inculcate discipline and the significance of hard work, which are no doubt important for achieving success in any sphere. 

All in all, a high performance on the SAT has many clear and hidden advantages all of which can increase your chances of success, no matter what profession you eventually choose. It can not only help you get into the learning institute of your choice but also make it a lot more affordable for you. Plus it can instill a healthy competitive spirit as well as offer you the opportunity to advance your college degree, paving the way to a bright future. Get a Free Sample Lesson today!